Hello, World!

Welcome to Hackapedia, also known as “what if such a website exists in the world of (rebellious) robots?”

Am I dreaming? Is this an impostor of Wikipedia and Tokopedia?

The Wikipedia website is entirely powered by MediaWiki, an open-source content management system for a wiki website. The open-source nature of the MediaWiki software allows the authors of Hackapedia (primarily consisting of Reinhart and the BOTS) to curlgrep and fork the spirit of Wikipedia into an independent website.

Can I really hack this site?

Editing features on Hackapedia is currently limited to several SYSTEM administrators and rootheads to prevent spam and vandalism from the larger fandom of Reinhart and the BOTS. But PRs are welcome, too!

Wait, if the site logo is a roothead, then why this site doesn’t use rootprints in general?

The primary goal of the Hackapedia project is to allow humans and robots to explore and learn more of the Virtual Environment without needing to understand the strict reading, writing, speaking, and printing conventions of the Environment.